Hot Dog Hunter Turns Foodie

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My Uncle Nommin A Footlong
My Uncle Nommin A Footlong

Good post by my friend Adrian, over at his blog HipHopNerd:

The Hunt For Red Hots


Co·op Hot Sauce

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I must admit, I didn’t try Co·op hot sauce until it first came to me on Kuma’s Plague Bringer. Supposedly, it’s been known as the best hot sauce to be found in Chicago. And it is. But where is it to be found? You can’t get it in the local grocery store, and only a handful of restaurants offer it. And, much to my chagrin, Kuma’s is no longer going to be one of those restaurants. Well, this deliciously smokey and spicy sauce can only be bought directly from Humbolt Park’s Co-op Image Group.

Cooperative Image Group creates public arts education programs with youth of communities in need. Through collaboration between Chicago area artists and youth, Co-op Image strives to strengthen community through multimedia arts education. [coop mission]

They work with children of Chicago to build skills, community, and opportunity. One of the many positive things to come out of this program is this delicious hot sauce. You can buy it off their site for roughly $5-7, but it only lets you buy one bottle at a time. I wanted to buy a lot – at least 12, so I contacted Jessica Baer, as indicated on their site. She was very nice in helping me get all the hot sauce I could handle. She even offered to drop it off at my house. How cool is that?

Does anyone know of any other establishments that have Co-op hot sauce?